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Department and Graduate Institute of Social Work

     The Department of Social Work was established in 2000, which aims to educate students to become excellent and professional social workers. Currently the Department offers a 4-year undergraduate program and a 4-year undergraduate evening program. Furthermore, the Master program of social work was established in 2007.

     At present, there are 14 full-time faculty members, including 2 professors, 7 associate professors, and 5 assistant professors. Besides, there are about 30 part-time faculty members, and more than six hundred students in the department. Moreover, the social work labs started functioning in 2003, which include several rooms for different needs of courses. There are 2 case work labs, 1 family social work lab, 1 group work lab, 1 colloquium and observation room, 1 multi-purpose professional workshop, 1 reception room, and 1 control room. The department provides plenty of advanced equipments to prepare students to be professional social workers.

     The undergraduate students need to finish at least 128 credit hours to receive their Bachelor degree of Social Work . There are 30 credit hours of required general education courses and 64 credit hours of core required courses. All of the required courses are designed to strengthen students' basic competency of social work such as sociology, psychology, social psychology, human behavior in the social environment, volunteer services, introduction of social work and social welfare, social casework, group work, community work, social policy and social legislation, and social work practicum, etc.

     Last but not least, there are 26 electives credit hours in responding to the current social issues and trends in Taiwan. The department concentrates on developing courses in the fields of nonprofit organizations, families, the elders, and high risk juveniles to prepare students for careers in direct social work practices. Meanwhile, the department cooperates with other international departments and agencies to promote outlooks on global visions of students.

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