Educational Goals

Educational Goals

The educational goals of undergraduate programs are to educate students to become professional social workers with:

1. profound knowledge and practical skills,

2. professional ethics and caring abilities,

3. communication, coordination and cooperation abilities,

4. innovative ideas and attitudes toward self-directed lifelong learning,

5. a sense of social justice.

The goals of the Master’s degree programs are to educate students to become advanced level social workers with abilities of: service planning and implementation

  1. research
  2. social advocacy
  3. international perspectives

Core abilities

Courses of undergraduate programs are designed to equip students with the following abilities:

  1. to understand professional theoretical knowledge of social work,
  2. to implement social work professional practice,
  3. to evaluate social work research and apply information technology,
  4. to acknowledge social work ethics and social justice mission,
  5. to have communication, coordination and teamwork capabilities,
  6. to foster lifelong learning and innovation skills,
  7. to have multicultural and humanistic care perspectives.

Courses of Master’s degree programs are designed to equip students with the following core abilities:
1. to become professional practical supervisors and have management skills,

2. to have social work evaluation and research innovation capabilities,

3. to have social work professionalism and communication skills,

4. to be familiar with cross-cultural and cross-field teamwork ethics and communication skills.

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